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two people sitting next to each other in front of a sign that says, connor looking at blood
hes gonna put it in his mouth. it happens everytime.
two tweets that are on top of each other
Where 9gagger from texas???answer this
Where 9gagger from texas???answer this
an image of two texts that are being used to describe what is wrong in the conversation
Detroit become human
a pink background with the words you just released when you're dressed, you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate and sweets
Hormones | Hormone Specialist Malta | DNG Fitness & Personal Training | Birkirkara
when you're stressed, you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate, and sweets. why? because stressed spelled backwards is desserts
a woman is sitting on an inflatable boat at the beach
two side by side pictures of a car and another with a license plate on it
an image of ice creams in trays with the caption get 60g app on your iphone
an image of conflict in literature
incidentalcomics: Conflict in Literature
the words are written in black and white