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Michał Stefański

Michał Stefański
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This cannot be true!!!

Do you even age ? Thomas Brodie-Sangster possesses the secret to eternal youth. Once the two guys at the top hit thirty they're gonna age horribly. Eminem is Booom mind blown out of universe!

Ryan Hurst~ Glad I Found This Pic Because He Was So Cute In Remember The Titans But He Looked The Best As Opie In Sons Of Anarchy.. #SexyBikerGuy :)

Ryan Hurst~I never realized Opie from Sons of Anarchy was in Remember The Titans. Guess it's cuz of the beard.


All you single girls out there, dreading Valentine's Day because you aren't in a relationship.trust me when I say it's more awkward to explain you're married, but still got nothing for Valentine's Day.

they only need money

True heroes don't need super powers. Batman and Green Arrow. This is one of the main reasons why I love Batman so much!

I'd Pause My Game For You gamer tank top

I'd Pause My Game For You gamer tank top. Love how we play video games together such a special bond we have ^.