Tymoteusz Zimny

Tymoteusz Zimny

Tymoteusz Zimny
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Colourless Designed by Ryan Yoon & Harc Lee. A conceptual package design, which at this time is unaffiliated with Coca Cola, created to drastically reduce the cost of both initial manufacturing and.

Chrysler Building, New York City. Taken from the Empire State Building Observatory Deck on a cloudy night in New York City during my trip to the States in November-December This was the only building visible above the clouds in that direction.

Close up, The Swarm Chandelier by Zaha Hadid _

The Swarm Chandelier ~ Created by Zaha Hadid, it is composed of black crystals to form an impressive geometric shape. The design resembles an explosion that is frozen in time while also giving a continued sense of motion.