Twoja Cukiernia

Twoja Cukiernia

Dzięki internetowej cukierni każdy z Was może zamówić tort, sernik, tartę, pod wskazany adres lub z opcją odbioru osobistego :) Smacznego!
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Twoja

Andrzejki! (St. Andrew's Day!) illustration by samar khanafer // all right reserved

Double Glazed Pumpkin Spice Scones. These pumpkin scones are so amazing! They are moist and decadent with the double glaze.

Fluffy Brown Sugar Icing ~ It was amazing, and the taste is stellar. It’s like a fluffy caramel marshmallow frosting.. this icing would be amazing when paired with just about anything… even a spoon :)

To jeden z najbardzioej pomysłowych tortów, jakie mieliśmy okazję oglądać!

Ho to Make Buttercream Rose. Chef Alan Tetreault of Global Sugar Art shows you step by step how easy it can be to make beautiful buttercream roses on a bud and on a rose nail. All the supplies featured in this tutorial can be purchased at

Beautiful painted bread loaves and tutorials. GREAT for the holidays! Click on Painted Bread/ Lots of beautiful creations there as well!

Healthy Baking Substitutes