Eating Southeast Asia

Eating our way through Southeast Asia - Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Farmers' markets, street stalls and producers. Traditional food and culinary customs.
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Cooking in the summer heat - Laotian cucumber salad

Cooking in summer heat - laotian cucumber salad

Traditional laotian cucumber salad recipe (tam mak taeng) , sister of the famous papaya salad. Delicious and full of flavors, perfect for hot summer days.

Poopie luwak! Visiting the small scale kopi luwak producer on Sumatra

Poopie luwak

Visiting the small scale kopi luwak producer on Sumatra

Indonesian cuisine (the good, the bad and the ugly)

Indonesian cuisine (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

Our favorite Indonesian dishes as well as those we would prefer to forget. What to try on Java and Sumatra?

"Sweet makes you dizzy, bitter makes you healthy" - on wise culinary customs and traditions of Southeast Asia

On wise culinary traditions and customs in Southeast Asia that keep people in good health

Wise culinary traditions and customs observed in Southeast Asia that we think are important and that keep people in good health.

What to eat in Laos?

What to eat in Laos

The fear of food poisoning causes many people to deny themselves the exploration of Laotian food. It’s a pity, because this wonderful country offers an interesting and flavorful cuisine, one quietly hiding between two internationally famous.

Visiting a market in Luang Prabang, Laos

Naked Lunch - Farmers market in Laos

On how we went to look for a waterfall and found amazing Lao food

Lao food and a waterfall that wasn't there

Lao food and a waterfall that wasn't there - two hungry people

First tastes of Laos

First taste of Laos

First taste of Laos - two hungry people

On eating too much in Vietnam and a food tour in Can Tho

Gluttons in Vietnam - on deadly sins, lessons on eating and customs

Top five from under the sea - the best of seafood we tried in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine - our top five from under the sea

Vietnamese cuisine - our top five from under the sea - two hungry people

Sea Juice - learning about the  Vietnamese fish sauce

Sea Juice. Searching for fish sauce in Vietnam

Even though Vietnam stretches along the coast of the South China Sea, the country is not a mecca for beach-goers. The turquoise waters of Thailand draw a much greater number of tourists.

What we ate in Dalat, Vietnam and why Vietnamese pork rules

Resort Pig in Da Lat

Celebrating Tet and eating our way through Hue, Vietnam

Hue, a pleasant city

Northern blues - eating in Hanoi, Vietnam

Northern blues in Hanoi

It’s no secret that the south of Vietnam dazzled us. Beautiful, friendly, exotic and surprisingly free of tourists. The fact that the winter temperatures are ideal is also well worth mentioning. But the further north.

How does Malaysia taste?

How does Malaysia taste

Cambodia not for beginners - searching for local tastes in rural Cambodia

Cambodia not for beginners

As our stay in Siem Reap prolongs, we feel it’s time to take a side-road. We’ve had enough of going form city to city, the easy thing to do here, as bus connections are limited.