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Mike Brodie

Kroutchev Planet Photo: Mike Brodie aka The Polaroid Kidd is an American photographer

Tattoo'd Lifestyle Magazine Presents: 14 Dark Beauties

I'd probably wear this, but I wouldnt have the suspenders up. This girl looks pretty badass, like, I commend you random stranger

Cyberpunk fashion.......also looks like apocalyptic fashion. Tags: post-apocalyptic/dystopian clothing, style and fashion, post-apocalypse

Post-apocalypse clothing / fashion / post-apocalyptic wear / male / dystopian / menswear / men's / style / looks

"You look like you came outta a comic book" or "Badass - Imgur

A nomad with chronic eye problems wears goggles to ward off dust, Phala, Chang Tang, Tibet (Photo by Melvyn Goldstein/National Geographic/Getty Images)


Radoslav Zilinsky’s 2007 artwork “The World” A stunning painting of a possible future (or present depending on how you look at it)… walled cities of techno-utopia surrounded by the rest of the world living in the middle ages.