Hooping - Shoulders, Chest

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Funland Tricks presents: Shoulder tricks by Sharna Rose!

We have a special treat for you! Miss Sharna Rose herself has visited Finland a week ago and she kindly agreed to be a visiting guest star hooper for Funland.

Horizontal Elbow Pass (Bunny Ear) Hoop Tutorial - YouTube

Inspired by Britt Von Dee on Unity of the Hula Hoopers. my attempt to make a more in depth tutorial on that darn Bunny Ear Pass. If you ever have any speci.

Funland Tricks presents: Vertical chest hooping with a barrel roll - YouTube

Funland Tricks presents: Vertical chest hooping with a barrel roll. something I aspire to.

Continuous Chest Roll with Kassandra Morrison | Hooping.org

Kassandra Morrison is here to teach us a move she calls the Continuous Chest Roll. The hoop rolls from the chest to the back.

Vertical shoulder hooping tutorial

Vertical shoulder hooping tutorial--WAY advanced stuff. I'm still doing a lot of picking my hoop off the ground!

Hooping Tutorials: Body Rolls with Hoopalicious | www.hooping.org/...

In this new tutorial from Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, our resident advice columnist, she shares with us all a couple quick tips for …

shoulder pass - YouTube (More #happy #healthy #humorous & #creative #hooping & #hoopspiration ideas: www.HipTheHoopla.com & www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla :) #Social Media Marketing & PR www.elevatedcolor.com/marketing Also www.ToucheToon.com (#cartoon humor) & www.DatingAndHandGrenades.com (#relationship humor :-)~

a slow motion hoop dance tutorial for the shoulder pass with none other than Babz Robinson!

Want perfect chest rolls? - YouTube

DOUBLE CHEST ROLL sick of that wonky inconsistent chest roll? Introducing the wrist flick technique in SLOW MO ( an alternative m.