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Wioleta Trypuz

Wioleta Trypuz
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Modern Renaissance E.S Palette

Cute eye make up

THE STYLE This style is specially designed for ladies who lust after a full and voluminous look. The luscious strands gradate outwards in length, with an additional layer of criss-crossed fur througho

Digging the separated upper and lower lid/ middle lid liner

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Cat Eye – 12 Different Eyeliner Tutorials You’ll Be Thankful For

Step by Step

Makeup up tutorial for hooded eyelids. Eye shadow make up hooded eye lids eyeshadow step by step.

Ooh, loving this light shadow look for hazel eyes

Ooh, loving this light shadow look for hazel eyes! You can try is with our Evercolor Shadow Sticks

Beauty Tip: The right brow shape can actually lift your face and open up your eyes. Remember that the wider the space in between the the brows, can make the tip of nose appear wide as well. 1- is where a eyebrow should begin. 2- where arch should be. 3- is where brown ends.

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Soft Look for Hazel Eyes | Makeup Mania

Bronze eye look

Immagine di makeup, beauty, and eyebrows

Soft pink eye look with a perfect wing. pomade in medium brown for the eyebrows Voyage palette (shades: tervetuloa,croeso,kuwakaribisha) Ink Eyeliner


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