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a person is holding up a video showing how to make bread rolls
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9.8K views · 1.1K reactions | Easy Currants Roll This bakes at 350 adeg F. For 40 mins. Do not roll out the pastry sheets thinner ‼️ 2 sheets puff pastry @publix or your local supermarket or @restaurant_depot 2 cups currants 1/4 cup light brown sugar 1/8 tsp salt 1/8tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp fresh nutmeg 1/2 tsp vanilla . #pastry #currants #currantsroll #trinicookingwithnatasha | Trini cooking with Natasha | Terrence Parker · Somethin' Here (Original Mix)
a person holding a hot dog with toppings on it
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The BEST GARLIC BREAD you will ever try! Shop this pan - link in my Bio and get 10% off. @gordongram @hexclad #gifted #hexcladcreators #hexclad #garlicbread #garlic #bread #toast | Trini cooking with Natasha | Trujillo Beats · Tropical (Instrumental Afrobeat)
someone is holding a bowl with some food in it
THE BEST TRINI COCONUT ICECREAM | By Trini cooking with Natasha | Hi guys. Today I'm making coconut ice cream. I promise when you all taste this it's going to be so amazing. It's going to remind you of the ice cream man that used to pass on the bike long ago. That's how this taste like. You want to start this recipe by using fresh coconut milk. I blended two coconut. I added water to give me about six cups of fresh coconut milk. Now you can also use canned coconut milk if you don't have the fresh but the taste will differ. Wanna squeeze a milk out of the coconut really well. And if you wanted to use the leftover coconut to make something else like maybe sugarcake you can. To that we're going to go in with custard powder and this is a must. You have to put the custard powder. In goes coconut milk powder. Just trust my process and I promise you when you taste it it will all make sense. Next we're going to go in with some ground cinnamon powder just a little bit. And I'm going to go in with sweetened condensed milk. Now for this recipe feel free to use as much or as little sweetened condensed milk as you want. I actually used an entire tin of sweetened condensed milk. One tin of evaporated milk. And half of a cup to one cup of whole milk depending on how rich you want it. Now I'm going to give this a mix. And I forgot to add in my coconut essence. So I'll add a in in just a bit you'll see me adding it. You want to make sure and keep this on a medium low heat because you don't want to start causing it to burn from the bottom. You want to make sure you're warming it through evenly. Now here you'll see me add the coconut essence. And just warm it through for about 10 minutes. You want that custard to cook because that custard is really cornstarch with flavoring. And once it's nice and warm you want to take it off the heat. And we're going to transfer it into a freezer or a fridge container. Cuz this needs to chill before you actually chill in your ice cream. You can put it in your freezer for one hour or you can leave it in your fridge overnight. Next once it's chilled you're going to go ahead and place it in your ice cream maker. Now I'll link this ice cream maker in the description box for you guys. Um it makes two quarts but this recipe makes four quarts of ice cream. So you're going to have to do this in two times. So you're going to put it to churn. It takes about 25 minutes to churn and if you don't own a ice cream machine you can place it in your ice tray. Allow it to freeze and then blend it and you'll get the same ice cream consistency. And once it's all you have to do is take it out. Place it in a freezer container or an ice cream container. And then you're going to store it in your freezer until it's to the consistency you like. And if you're like me you'll eat it right out of the container because it's so good. I promise you all this is the best tasting ice cream. Coconut homemade ice cream you'll ever eat. So give this recipe a try and let me know down below what you think. Thank you all for watching.
the vegetables are being cooked in the wok
18K views · 1.6K reactions | Stir Fried veggies aka Chow Mein for Hops in Trinidad. Using My Large Pan from @ourplace , this pan can saute, stem , fry and so much more - I highly recommend getting one... it doesn't stain with curry either - tagged below! . #gifted #chowmein #stirfry #veggies #steamed #vegetables #trinicookingwithnatasha | Trini cooking with Natasha | Trini cooking with Natasha · Original audio
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Ever since I knew about this, I stopped buying Icecream. Homemade Mango Icecream | By Cooking With ClaudyFacebook
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Marion Grasby - Recipes | Bahama Mama is a delicious tropical-flavored rum cocktail that's perfect for summer | Facebook
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two plates filled with oatmeal and raisins on top of each other
Yay Recipes
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two patties on a plate with ketchup next to them and the title 3 - ingredient nutritious veg patties
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