Barbara Przechrzta

Barbara Przechrzta

Barbara Przechrzta
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Best Books for Boys: A Booklist Compiled by a BOY | A Holy Experience

A zillion paragraphs about how her farmer boy son really enjoys books that he wants his brothers to read, all while cute music plays in the background AND THEN, you get the list.

Is your child ready to listen to longer read aloud books, such as chapter books…

Is your child ready to listen to longer read aloud books, such as chapter books or short novels? Here are some great suggestions which are perfect for intermediate listeners.

Skillet Cowboy Rice Casserole

This cheese topped skillet cowboy rice casserole features, ground beef and chorizo sausage, diced peppers, sweet onion, pinto beans and corn. It’s a one dish meal that’s made completely on the stovet (Easy Meal With Ground Beef Rice)

Sugaring Off - Grandma Moses

“"If I didn't start painting, I would have raised chickens" — Grandma Moses ( Sugaring

Lavender and Lovage | June Thrifty and Organic Meal Planner: Salmon, Watercress and Strawberry Delights! |

The world is filled with amazing foods, flavors and recipes. Each and every country has its own distinctive dishes and preparation techniques and sometimes

Copy, enlarge, and punch out your constellations.

Teach constellation patterns- print, cut out the circles. punch holes in dots and tape circle to the end of a TP roll. Look through the roll to see the constellation! Shine flashlight through in dark and display constellation on a wall.