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These wild hairstyles featured on TrendHunter.com will inspire tamed tresses

The Flaunt Issue 129 Photoshoot Stars an Edgy Lily Collins #mohawk trendhunter.com

Punked Out Celeb Editorials

Flaunt Issue 129 - Actress Lily Collins has been slaying the red carpet with her chicly polished and subtly edgy ensembles as she promotes her latest blockbuster film...

The Fashion Gone Rogue 'Pretty in Punk' Photoshoot Stars Sasha Panika #mohawk trendhunter.com

Girly Rebellious Editorials

Fashion Gone Rogue 'Pretty in Punk' - Although the looks featured throughout the Fashion Gone Rogue ‘Pretty in Punk’ online editorial have a hard edge due to its rebellious ...

Shehawks at Emporio Armani #mohawk trendhunter.com

Coiled Man Hair For Women

- Watching the Emporio Armani show, it was difficult to stay focused on the fashions being paraded down the runway as my gaze was stuck on the model'...

80s ‘Pride & Glory' Colorful Fashionshoot for V-Magazine #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Ultra Glam Retro

- How brilliantly cool: the 80s revival continues with this amazing photo-fashion-shoot for V Magazine Spring 09, entitled Pride & Glory. The edito...

Hair-Raising Styles From Kristin Beery #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Haute Haircuts

- Very rarely do I come across a hairstylist’s work and feel the need to post. Kristin Beery, however, is an exception to that rule. She desc...

Sculptural Styles Showcase Regional Pride #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Wild Patriotic Hairstyles

- I thought I was a bit radical with bright red hair until I saw this series of extreme patriotic hairstyles. I just love them so much. Like couture ...

'I Am the Storm' by Lill-Veronica Skoglund Features Wild Windswept Hair #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Tornado Hair

- I love this photo set called 'I Am the Storm' by Lill-Veronica Skoglund. The photos feature a young model with wild windswept hair that looks like ...

PetOrly's Models Rock Towering Hairstyles for 'Future Perfect' #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Skyscraper Updos

- In this 'Future Perfect' photo set, PetOrly's models rock sky-high hair that reminds me of a real-life version of the tall tresses Marge Simpson ha...

Peter Grey's Extreme Hair for Yokohama Hair Renaissance #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Mega Mop-Top Locks

- Peter Gray created some wild hair looks for the recent Yokohama Hair Renaissance event in Japan. The looks were all towering and dramatic, but also...

Jake Garn's 'Goddess' Series Blends Bald Caps, Curls & Color #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Mishmosh Hairtography

- The mishmosh hairstyles shown in Keith Bryce and Jake Garn’s ‘Goddess’ photo series are absolutely breathtaking. Bryce blends b...

Paco Peregrin's ‘Fresh' Features Tied-Up Hairstyles #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Whip Ponytails

- ‘Fresh’ by Paco Peregrin and Kattaca is a photo set that features futuristic fashion and out-there hair, including the whip-style ponyt...

‘Fashion Victim' Photo Set Features Hair Like Ram & Unicorn Horns #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Braided Horns

- Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov of Doberman Studio nailed it with their ‘Fashion Victim’ photo set. This series features breezy c...

Olivier Chomienne Expands the World of Editorial Hairstyling #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Snowflake Hair

- High hairstyles are all the rage according to French fashion hairstylist Olivier Chomienne. His French touch transforms regular hair into hat-like ...

Ronaldo Fraga Shows Mousey Manes at Colombiamoda #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Mouse Ear Hairstyles

- Ronaldo Fraga showed designs at Colombiamoda, a fashion fair held in Medellin, Colombia, and when he did, his models came equipped with wild mouse-...

Karmen Pedaru Rocks Giant Headdresses for Vogue China #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Super High Hats

- For the “A Feast of Patterns” editorial in September’s Vogue China, model Karmen Pedaru did rock some crazy prints, but more inte...

Photographer Billy Kidd Goes Crazy With Edgy Tresses #hairstyles trendhunter.com

Geometric Hairdos

- Brooklyn-based photographer Billy Kidd isn’t one who is shy behind a camera; neither are the models he photographed in this über-colorfu...