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the words are written in white on a blue background, which reads sono italino e non posso stare calmo
I am Italian and I Will not Keep calm! :)
a red and green frame with the words poteri avere i conto, per favore?
AL RISTORANTE (At the restaurant) #italianteacher #italianlessons #italianlanguage #learnitalian #italianvocabulary #italiandictionary #italianwords
a piece of paper with the words i don't wanna written in black ink
italian for my girlfriend: Photo
italian for my girlfriend : Photo
a red and green frame with the words che cosa mi consiglia?
AL RISTORANTE (At the restaurant) #italianteacher #italianlessons #italianlanguage #learnitalian #italianvocabulary #italiandictionary #italianwords
the italian passive voice is shown in this screenshot
La voce passiva - The Italian Passive Voice
an illustration of a woman cleaning the floor with a mop and duster in her hand
a comic strip with two women talking to each other
Idiom of the day: "Sulla punta della lingua".
the words are written in different languages on a piece of paper with writing underneath it
...........Live * Laugh * Eat
Learning Italian - Romantic love phrases
a pink background with the words non is sa mai
Media Tweets by italian chitchat (@italianchitchat) | Twitter
an iphone screen showing the text in italian and english, with different colors on it
Hobbys Italiano Tempo libero
some type of font that is in different colors and sizes, with the words written below it
GOCENGSLOT > Main Slot Anti Rungkad Seindonesia
-IRE Present Tense Verb Conjugation Guide from Via Optimae, www.viaoptimae.com Part of the Beginner's Italian Series!