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How cool is the yellow kitchen island?! It has a table in it that rolls out. So cool! , Finally my mail arrived. The Dolce stuff is mindblowing Top quality yet very cheap! They ship really fast. Use this coupon code:Pinterest when buying and save a bundle. Check out this pin to see more like this!

Una barra entre la cocina y el comedor hace que la cocina se vea un poco más pequeña pero ayuda a delimitar las dos áreas sin necesidad de paredes.

These 60+ DIY Kitchen Decor Ideas Can Upgrade Your Kitchen

white kitchen. I like the glass on the upper cabinet fronts and the "furniture leg" look on the bottom of the cabinets. by meghan

hannah blackmore photography amazing modern interior neutral

Concealed Wall Socket With Sliding Door http://stuffyoushouldhave.com/concealed-wall-socket-with-sliding-door/

Transformer Apartment - http://www.home-designing.com/4-small-apartment-designs-under-50-square-meters

Pivot | Porro | Decoma Design. Check it out on Architonic

Slimline entry level movable wall VariSmart™ is the new entry level movable wall by DORMA. VariSmart™ is a slimline high quality product designed with the end user in mind. Engineered in Germany, VariSmart™ is perfect for educational facilities, public buildings or any environment where space is premium. #DORMA #DORMAMovableWall #OperableWall