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a tablet sitting on top of a carpeted floor
The Google Nexus 9 Review
AnandTech Review - Super thorough N9 review
a person holding up an electronic device in their left hand and the screen is on
The Nexus 9 wasn't designed to be an iPad killer
Interview with designer of Nexus 9 - helps clear up Google's thought process
a man is laughing while holding up his new tablet computer in front of the camera
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white table next to a black pen
IVSO Google Nexus 9 8.9-inch Ultra-Thin High Quality Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case - DETACHABLE Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case / Cover for HTC Nexus 9 & Google Nexus 9 8.9-inch Tablet-With a Stylus Pen (Black Bluetooth Keyboard)
an image of a tablet on top of a blue table with the screen showing icons
Google Nexus 9 review
Nexus 9 review
a tablet sitting on top of a table in a dark room with an empty screen
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro hands-on review
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro
an image of a tablet on a table with the screen showing what's on it
Nexus 9 review: The return of Google’s iPad killer
Good, convincing review for decision making
two screens showing different music player options on the same screen, one with an mp3 player and
The Zune Home Screen
Let's be honest. While it was a bit late to the multimedia party, the Zune product family was doing the minimalist, authentically digital thing before it was cool. If you fancy a bit of nostalgia for those days, this Zune-inspired home screen (dubbed Xune) is for you.