3. Shipyard

3. Shipyard

1. the Crane

the Crane das Krantor

+ for those who enjoy shopping, there are many shopping centres in 3City

Have fun in the biggest shopping centres in Gdansk!

10. European Solidarity Centre

transfer to the European Solidarity Centre

9. football stadium PGE Arena and the FUN Arena

transfer to our football stadium PGE Arena and to the FUN Arena

8. the Upside-down House

See the upside-down house and learn about Kashubian culture.

7. Hel Peninsula

Beautiful Hel Peninsula - get there by a ferry tram

6. beautiful Baltic beaches

transfers to our beautiful beaches: Jelitkowo, Brzeźno, Stogi and Westerplatte

5. Westerplatte

Westerplatte - the place where World War II began

4. Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle - the biggest of its kind

the Crane das Krantor