Funny table...

The great outdoors provides the perfect ambiance for dining, but unfortunately, strong winds might make for a messy meal. Bye Bye Wind Table, designed by Marco and Paola Oliva Marotto, is a set of table and chairs that fights the action of wind.

have a nice meal...

have a nice meal.

spectacle case with Polish folk ornament... :)

spectacle case with Polish folk ornament.

beautiful tea set with the Polish folk ornament... :)

beautiful tea set with the Polish folk ornament.

time with friends...

Designed by Maarten pauwelyn, Bottlebench is environmentally conscious chair made from recyclable polyester, Especially designed for social gatherings. With intentions to creating an positive atmosphere Bottlebench, made people sit in proximity for

it's interesting... :)

Pharrell's Perspective Chairs at Gallerie Emmanuel Perrotin: Multi-faceted musician/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams teamed up with furniture designer Domeau & Pérès earlier in the year to create the criticall.

happy... sad... bored... which one you are?

Cute mugs ~ Ha! I'd use the sleepy one first thing in the morning, the angry one for the second cup, then the happy one for the third cup, right before leaving for work.

read me a book, please :)

This creative chair design will provide all kinds of storage space in your room. Since the space is built into the chair itself, it's a minimalist style.


Oki Sato, Chief Designer and founder of Nendo design studio, created a stunning landscape of snowy mountains at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.