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an old, rusty robot is posed on a black background with the caption romax194
some kind of art work that looks like it is made out of metal and wood
Tommy Gunardi Teguh (@TommyGTeguh) / Twitter
a painting of a man dressed in armor and holding an umbrella with skulls on it
Artwork from Black Myth: Wukong 黑神话:悟空
an artistic rendering of a robot with horns and wings
bone killer, esuthio
a woman dressed in an elaborately designed costume and holding a clock with her hands
ArtStation - Explore
four different types of lanterns with lights on them
ArtStation - Explore
a drawing of a man with long hair and beards, holding two lights in his hands
The Tortoise and The Hare, Carlyn Lim
どつと on Twitter
どつと on Twitter
the character is dressed in native american clothing and holding a large stick with lights on it
Tommy Gunardi Teguh on X
Inspiration, Robot Design, Robot Art
Robo-moods: care, hope, itchy, Mariia Tverdohleb