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🎇 you were the only one worthy of keeping.

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manon & dorian — throne of glass

his match, his mirror in so many ways.

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when you least expect it

somehow, the most fulfilled she’s ever felt.

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if this is love, then it’s you. you are love.

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two women are sitting on a bed and one is holding the other in her arms
when you least expect it
two women sitting on a bed in front of a window with the city skyline outside
Love, Cute Lesbian Couples, Lesbian, Falling In Love
two people kissing each other in front of a white wall with the reflection of them on it
two people sitting on a window sill at night
a woman in black shirt laying on top of a bed
two women laying in a bathtub with their legs crossed
a drawing of two women's faces with their eyes closed and one looking at the camera
two people are laying on a couch with their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders
two people are kissing each other in black and white
Alexa Chung, Madelia, Best Kisses, Love Her, Let It Be
two people are looking into an oven in the kitchen
two people are walking down the railroad tracks in the woods with their backs to each other
the shadow of two people standing next to each other on a street corner with a stop sign in front of them
two beautiful young women sitting next to each other at a dinner table in black and white
a woman is brushing her hair while another woman looks at her phone in black and white
Feminine, Styl, French Girl
two women standing in a kitchen with jars and bottles on the counter, one holding a bottle
a woman sitting on the floor next to a bottle