NEW Kindle Fire HD  7" HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, 16GB or 32GB

Love the HD display with polarizing filter and anti-glare technology for rich color and deep contrast from any viewing angle

Nano Spray Asli

Nano Spray Asli


Most of the ICT Training cases we produce are customised to the client’s wishes. However, we do offer a small number of standard cases to hold between six and ten laptops from the Apple and Toshiba ranges.

Laptop HDR

The netbooks are charged simultaneously via an integrated charging management system. The original power adaptors for each separate netbook are no longer needed and can be stored.

My laptop, with a transparent screen :P

If you need to use and organise a number of netbooks, Parat has the ideal solution for making them simpler and safer to use. Highly mobile training cases open up completely new possibilities as a supplement to conventional laptop carts.

I spray wine inside my laptop and now im stuck365 on Hold because i broke my Canon 5D, this is an hold photoStrobist, one 580ex inside umbrella soft box

I spray wine inside my laptop and now im stuck 365 on Hold because i broke my Canon this is an hold photo Strobist, one inside umbrella soft box