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My Op Art inspired illustrations

Optical illusions, ink illustrations, experiments and tutorials.
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My hands were so itchy…ink on watercolour paper (double A6 format)

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Feathers are falling from the sky like leaves on a windy day.A small drawing, almost bookmark size, with ink on paper.

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I recently finished reading an art album of Julian Stańczak and it inspired me to further experiment with drawing lines. It was my first shot at this technique - just a quick, messy doodle to feel, how it works. Obviously, I did a lot of mistakes, but I believe I’ll be able to add another dimension to my op art illustrations. I can’t wait to try it in a more complicated drawing!I used pen, black ink and a hand made sketchbook in A6 format wit watercolour paper.

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A Peter Watts’ Starfish fan art.Even though I haven’t finished reading this novel yet, I’m really inspired to make a couple more illustrations with monsters from the deep. While I was researching anglerfish you can see above, I made a mistake of readin more about this creature. They’re really creepy and disgusting, but also fascinating.I experimented a little trying new ways to depict more complex figures in op art illustrations. Not every signle idea worked, but I like, how the fish pops…

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Little starfish on the bottom of the ocean.I’m still inspired by marinistic atmosphere and silence of the deep. Today I tried stippling to define the shapes and shadows without sacrificing the op art effect of lines. I’m really content with the results. I’ll definitely do use this technique more often.Black ink, pen, mix media paper.

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Everything’s fine.Tonight I was in the mood for simple, wavy lines and just a bit of sugestive stippling. Initially I was sketching a tarot card of 9 swords, but eventually I left them out. I still used tarot card proportions (an original drawing is twice it’s size), because they just seemed right and besides I like drawing my op art illustrations on wide strips of paper.As usual I used pen, black ink and mixed media paper. I’ll post a new black and white illustration next monday, so stay…

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Sometimes, when life gets harsh, I put on my robotic suit and travel through space and time.Op art self-portrait drawn with ink on mix media paper.

Some nights are sad and lonely, but that’s on mix media paper

A little dragon trapped in a land of strings.a sketchbook doodle in A6 formatink on watercolour paper