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a painting of a woman standing in front of a tree with an owl on it
Mila Marquis - Tempestoso
Mila Marquis
a woman holding an umbrella in front of a tree with birds flying above her and a dog on the other side
Mila Marquis
Mila Marquis by Vosya, via Flickr
a painting of a woman hanging clothes on a line with flowers and birds around her
le blog lemanegeenchante
Good luck artist Illustration by and
a painting of a girl with green dress and shamrocks on her head holding a flower
Viel Glück auf allen Wegen:)
the three fairy girls are playing violin together
Mila Marquis illustration
a card with a woman holding a teacup and flowers in it's hand
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Limited and signed art print by Mila Marquis by MarquisWonderland