Тамара Соловьева

Тамара Соловьева

Тамара Соловьева
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lovely soap scraps

Items similar to SAMPLE SOAP a variety of our natural handmade soap samples, you choose the scent on Etsy

Porumi almond bars

Handmade Soap: Almond Silk fragranced with Honeysuckle & Patchouli by PORUMI FB: porumi handmade skin care

Cruise beautiful swirly rainbow luxurious cold by Soapmarked

Homemade Soap - How to Make Soap at Home Do you love handmade soap and want to learn how to make your own? I have been researching, designing and manufacturing my own bath and body products. Want great tips about arts and crafts? Go to my amazing site!

Summer Rose Soap

A unique and modern twist on classic rose. This bar has a warm base of baby roses with top notes of lemon and sweet orange.