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I'm teen guitarist, I play four years. My other interests are photography, filming, montage.
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Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

1992 Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark: Not an Iron Maiden fan but this album was quite OK, especially this one. Checked the Igor Preshnakov version?

Look, on your bright side is suidice. Lost eyesight, I'm on your side. Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing. Lack of Iron, and/or sleeping

Nirvana - Milk It [Lyrics]

I don't mean to dwell. But I can't help myself

Symbolic - Death From the album-Symbolic 1995 Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar and Vocals Bobby Koelble - Guitar Kelly Conlon - Bass Gene Hoglan -Drums DISCLAIMER: .

System of a Down- B.Y.O.B | Guitar Cover |

Guitar cover of System of a Down - B. I wanted to record it by camera and phone, but phone recorded it very ba.