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Jeans are you most basic and versatile piece of garment. Here are some easy jean-hacks!

Jeans are rugged and versatile. At the same time they are stylish and refined. You can wear them for a casual, grunge, hippie or even for a date look.

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How To Tie the Ultimate, All-Purpose Knot - The knot creates a loop of rope that can be used to secure a tent, make a snare, or for any of a thousand other purposes.

Certain skills are part of the "Swiss Army Knife" collection; these skills, like knot tying, are handy even for everyday scenarios. 1200x 3a 6f 3d 3a6f3d85c15799ca95beab9bfdb91946.jpg

Simple and secure rope knots for WSS Camping Hammock. I think I'd add another step and loop the line back on itself at the end, so it could be pulled free when needed.