Tomek Kaminski

Tomek Kaminski

Tomek Kaminski
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American Ecstasy Barbara Nitke 12

Photographer Barbara Nitke will release a collection of images from her work as a still photographer for porn films in the form of a photobook

Inge Prader Gustav Klimt LifeBall Vienna4

Austrian photographer Inge Prader has recreated some of Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting from his Golden phase, making a stunning series of photos. The photos took place as part of the Life Ball that was held in Vienna, which …

EASTWOOD A powerful photo here of Clint Eastwood. Even in his older years he can carry his Dirty Harry image.

Fine Art Portraits like to go to the other extreme. Portraits of older actors, and most notably Clint Eastwood, have portraits taken in black and white which accentuate the lines and blemishes and harsh effects of being alive for a long time.

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are two distinguished artists from Israel, who are famous for their successful and sarcastic illustrations.