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Mark 1 parts list | by Anonymous Brick                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I thought I would upload a parts list for anyone who wanted to build my Mark 1 Armor. I know it would take me a few days to find all the pieces :) Instructions will be uploaded this week also. Please be patient.

You are free to use any means necessary but I want them alive .

Aside from patrolling the Tatooine dunes, Merc was assigned as local security for the Mos Eisley spaceport in search of a suspicious Rodian.

Pretty cool. Only two minifigs can fit on it.

Pretty cool. Only two minifigs can fit on it.

80's lego spaceman

Black Friday 2014 Lego Classic Vintage Blue 1980 Something Space Guy - NOT Benny Minifigure from LEGO Cyber Monday. Black Friday specials on the season most-wanted Christmas gifts.

LEGO Spaceman is made of LEGO Spacemen

Australian LEGO builder aido k has created an amazing image of the classic Blue Classic Spaceman minifig from tons of smaller classic LEGO spaceman minifig

This is not my own technique, but Clonemaker829 asked how it was done and I couldn't find a photo that explained how to do it, so I thought I would upload this photo for him and others who don't know the technique.  -Tristan

If you want a different texture than ordinary tiles offer, you might consider putting them diagonally. Doing it with this technique leaves a small amount of space between the tiles which can be a nice effect.