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Fabio Bortolani: TV  Planter White, at 18% off!

The TV Planter by renowned Italian designer Fabio Bortolani for Teracrea was perfectly conceived to make sure there's always something good to watch. An entirely innovative indoor gardening concept, the TV Planter brings greenery into the room without tak

Encore ma passion des montres, en voici une dont on pourrais dire qu'elle est design de par son style extrêmement épuré

With Reveal watch, time is always in the present. This timekeeper reveals the current time through a looking glass while fading the past and the future. If you are a person of the present, this watch is made specifically for you.

beans taking over Hydro system

The quickest, easiest hydroponics system to build. You can get started in hours rather than days and the system is built from common materials so you can save money.