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Merlot - Red Wine © Faber&Partner

Brandy and Wine. The Greatest Wine Advice You Will Find. If you're like everyone else, you can be a little lost when pairing wine with foods. There are many people who are clueless about what wines go with desser

CABERNET FRANC  Blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, almond, plum, red currant…

CABERNET FRANC: Very well known for its varietal aroma of Raspberry, it also presents a refreshing touch of crushed blackcurrant leaf. Its other most frequent aromas are strawberry, gooseberry and licorice violets.

Hungarian wine regions

Read about the most famous wine regions of Hungary and their best wines to taste. Taste wines frem different Hungarian wine regions. Join our wine tasting walking tour in Budapest

It is vital to know a little something about these 8 grape varieties - here's a guide to help!

These 8 grape varieties are referred to as the “Big because they are the best-known varieties throughout the world and have widespread appeal. They are also the most widely planted. Knowing a little about each of these varieties is a must. Club W