Tomasz Rokicki
Tomasz Rokicki
Tomasz Rokicki
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nexttoparchitects: by archdekk Shot for portfolio #architecture...

BAY BRIDGE 2050 - San Francisco, CA by Aaron Berman Architecture (Laurie Hawkinson / Christian Uhl Studio) - Columbia University | Fall, 2011 :: Bay Bridge 2050 was designed as a means of speculation on the future of high speed transit, development, and emerging technologies in California 2050.

C: desk with built in storage by making double layering.. so f*ing practical

Chitaly Furniture Family by Stefano Pugliese

oh table, you're so sexy. (plywood furniture by Stefano Pugliese)

Plus / minus stool side table by Foreply on Etsy

Exquisite table for Safehouse Studio here in... - 2egress

cnc table

Minimal Waste + Table by Fraaiheid


Minimal Waste + Table by Fraaiheid


Jason Lloyd Fletcher Turns Unwanted Materials into New Furniture

Jason Lloyd Fletcher, Third Generation Furniture