Is the next line the next step?

Please find here one of the first 'Photographic Abstract Drawings' 2016 from a new series of Ink Negatives. More examples available soon.

Does everything aim for geometry?

Geometric abstract art - Does everything aim for geometry?

The beauty is in your mind

This post is about the beauty of abstract art which is in our minds. The quote of Agnes Martin about the roses not in the rose, the beauty is in your mind.

The wall of the world

'Wall abstract painting' - The canvas must be located as far as possible, on the very horizon, at the limits of comprehension. The wall of your painting

Art is unlike anything but itself

Thus true abstract art is unlike anything but itself;

One on one

For the last two weeks I have been completely absorbed by my studio, working on a new series of abstract drawings and I decided to share with you them

Where is the finish line?

The creation of original, unique abstract art is in fact very challenging. It is mostly intuitive work how to finish an abstract painting

Horizontal and vertical lines

It is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines in abstract art constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition.