POV: You're in Mallorca with Matilda Djerf
Vacation vibes

POV: You're in Mallorca with Matilda Djerf

Escape to Mallorca with Matilda Djerf where dreamy views, feel-good fits and plenty of holiday inspo await you.
Matilda Djerf, Matilda
Flight essentials✈️
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Essential T-shirt White + Broderie Pants White = 🤍
a bathroom sink that has various items on top of it in front of a white tiled wall
DA Beauty bathroom 🛁
strawberries and blackberries are in bowls on the sink
Summer Berries🍓🫐
Tank Tops, Skirt, Matilda Djerf, An Outfit, Knitted Cardigan, Scalloped Hem, Matilda, Tank Top, Blue
Forever a favorite cardigan🦋
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We love wearing our Principessa Skirt Black as a dress🥰
a woman sitting at a table with food and drinks in front of her, on the phone
Breakfast in Mallorca🍓🥖☕️
a woman laying on a chaise lounge in a stone walled room with open windows
a stone building with an arched window in the middle of trees and bushes around it
Location of the day🌺
some snacks are sitting on a table with fruit and other things to eat for breakfast
Favorite snack🍒💗
an open door leading to a bedroom with a bed in the background and clothes hanging on a rack
a woman standing over a table filled with plates of food
Dinner view🍷🧀🫒
Hair updo🎀
Outfit check🤍
several pairs of shoes and bags sitting on the ground
Boat day🚤👜🦋