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Minecraft - Redstone Fallen bauen!

Minecraft - Redstone Fallen bauen!

Minecraft: Cruddly's Steakatron 2000 [Automatic Steak Farm] [Tutorial] - YouTube

Today's tutorial is about a simple boat elevator. This elevator utilizes signs and water to transport the boat. Elevator is easy to build and does not requir.

"The Lecturer on Recent Runes" by Pate-keetongu: Pimped from Flickr

Eero Okkonen - The Lecturer on Recent Runes - A member of the Senior Faculty of the Unseen University. More on Cyclopic Bricks.

Spectacularly ferocious LEGO T-Rex Transformer will send you back to the Jurassic

😱😱😱 Lego Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots from the move Transformers 4 - Age of Extinction. Superb creation by the friend Nicola Stocchi!