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a tall building with blue and white lines on it's side, next to a tree
O.A.S.E. Medical Library by HPP Architects
a white building with an intricate design on it's side
Villa Dalí, una casa en Holanda inspirada en el pintor surrealista. - diariodesign.com
Villa Dali 123DV Holanda vidriera
a metal panel with geometric designs on it
Laser cut screens and Laser cut panels
Herrería Más
the reflection of an abstract sculpture in a mirror
takeovertime: (via SHINE)
a white paper cutout with an abstract pattern
Architectural Feature Screen Patterns | Room Divider Screens
Welcome to Tilt, designers and manufacturers of architectural feature screens. Our goal is to give you a functional design solution that will elevate your space through a product that delivers on your individual style. We apply a high level of design to cutting edge production processes to create contemporary screen designs suitable for a wide variety of applications.
an architectural diagram shows how the building is lit up at night with lights on it
Parcheggio in località Longea. Moena
a large white building sitting in the middle of a forest next to a tall tree
Dome Domiciles
Geodesic dome house
an unusual building that looks like it is made out of white plastic and has many windows
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Hands Corporation Headquarters by The System Lab
an unusual house in the woods surrounded by trees
two bikes are parked in front of an apartment building with three storyed buildings on either side
Amsterdam, Benichou Architects
a house made out of rocks and stone blocks
Lake House Retreat
an apartment building with multicolored balconies
// Patrizia Conde
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