Tomasz Miśkiewicz

Tomasz Miśkiewicz

Tomasz Miśkiewicz
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Augmented Reality Sandbox simulates landscapes in real time using the Kinect. This is a great game and educational tool for kids and geography students.

Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation - Video of a sandbox equipped with a Kinect camera and a projector to project a real-time colored topographic map with contour lines onto the sand surface.

BASELWORLD 2014: Limited Edition BR 03-94 Carbon Orange

A few of us around here keep secrets lists of products we hope to own one day. Much like a life bucket list of things to do before you pass.


Port - Most input/output devices are outside the computer case. These devices communicate with components inside the computer case through a wireless connection or through pcables attatched to the case at a connection called a port. (Chad G.