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The fantastic worlds and alien cities of Christian Lorenz Scheurer [Futuristic Architecture:]

Ever wondered who dreams up the otherworldly architecture and cities you see in movies like Thor 2 and Man of Steel? Meet Christian Lorenz Scheurer, the concept artist behind both movies—and many others.

Radio Kootwijk - Art Deco - Netherlands, Old radio station in nature park de Hoge Veluwe

The Netherlands are a tiny, yet densly populated country. However, there are also some remote places. One is the so-called “Veluwe” area in the East of the cou…

Casa do Penedo - Somewhere between Fafe and Cabeceiras de Basto - Portugal

Stone House in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal.Like most century houses, the house has windows and doors but it is constructed completely of stone. It also has a significant likeness to the house of the Flintstone family from the popular cartoon of the

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