The iPhone was first introduced in the Apple Conference June 2007 by Steven Jobs and after the original iPhone Apple continued to make new iPhones like the 6 Plus, Plus, and now the SE.

Apple Computer: Evolution of Design ( Macintosh /Steve Jobs / Steve Wozniak / First Apple / Apple 1 / Apple 2 / Macintosh / iMac ( retro - intage computer - computer history )

Apple Computer: Evolution of Design We use iMacs and iPads in our office because Apple combines simplicity and function into one design.

Steve Jobs

The Life and Times of Steve Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Farewell To A Genius: A Look Back on the Life and Times of Steve Jobs, Infographic Design


The device that changed technology forever. Photo by: Unknown by theiphoneworld May 07 2016 at

Steve Jobs

This whole series is amazing--we grew up in a really amazing decade--and also a very scary decade with all the war threats. The The Decade That Made Us - The Revolutionaries - Steve Jobs

iPhone 5

Random Inspiration 103

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Steve Jobs one of my favorites..

Steve Jobs Photos Photos: Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer