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a poem written in black and white with the words prayer for my children
Prayer for my children
The most important thing we can do as parents is to pray for our kids! #prayer #parenting #bible
an old fashioned prayer card with the words morning prayer
Bible Helps for Little Children, Copyright 1934
an image of the bible with text on it, and instructions for how to read the bible
“Welcome to the Alpha Zone”: 40 Absurdly Masculine Takes That Are So Bad, They Had To Be Shamed On This Twitter Page (New Posts)
the names of god on an old parchment paper
the names of God from the old testament
Night Prayer For Grace
Namaste, Wicca, Wisdom, Meditation, Spiritual Quotes, Saints, Spiritual Prayers
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two people sitting in the woods with text overlaying how to pray scripture over the people you love
How to Pray Scripture Over the People You Love - CMB