Personal Injury and Auto Accident Advice

Advice for those injured injured on the job, on commercial or public premises or in an auto accident.
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Do Higher Highway Speed Limits Cause More Auto Accidents in Texas? -

“Speed” Biggest Attraction Of Crowdfunding – Route Finance

Motorcycle Riders and Personal Injury Protection in Texas -

Learn about Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and how it relates to motorcycle accident injuries in Texas. We can help you recover compensation for injuries.

What Influence Does a Rollover Accident Have on Car Wreck Fatality Rates? -

A rollover crash may seem like a catastrophic accident, but are rates of serious injury and death significantly higher in these single-vehicle wrecks?

Yasmin Birth Control Victims’ Continued Struggle with Health Issues and Bayer -

Computer, Communication - Free photos on Pixabay - 20

In-Car Distractions from Infotainment and Auto Accident Liability -

Find out how in-car distractions from infotainment affect auto accident liability. Do in-car systems cause more distractions while driving?

Grocery Store Food Contamination – Who’s At Fault and What Are Your Rights? -

Learn your rights and find out who is at fault when grocery store food is contaminated. If you have eaten contaminated food, contact Tate Law Offices.

Top 7 Tips to Stay Safe on Texas Roads -

Top 7 Tips to Stay Safe on Texas Roads

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