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an abstract black and white image of a demon skull
Pinterest | Idee per tatuaggi, Tatuaggio di samurai, Disegno teschio
an image of some writing on the side of a white wall with arrows in it
Vegvisir life purpose navigation ceremony
This listing is for the Vegvisir life purpose navigation ceremony. The Nordic compass or the Vegvisir was a symbol used by the Vikings to ensure they wouldn't get lost while traveling especially while at sea. Like a compass, this symbol helped guide those in the direction they wanted to go. Through practice and careful training, I have been able to channel the power of the Vegvisir for other purposes. If this was able to help those find directions and ensure one wouldn't get lost, then why not a
a black and white drawing of a skull with two horns on it's head
ShawnCoss - Professional, General Artist | DeviantArt