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Sakura. Kakashi. And Flower Crowns. Because I can. Uhhh, I'm going to play catch up with art submissions. Kakasaku art I did a while ago for a group that I'm part of on tumblr called ksanon! ksanon...

Couldn’t get this idea out of my head x In which Yamato is always abused, and Kakashi’s sucha lovable asshole! The Love Letter

NO! >:(

“ End of War ” A wittle birdy told me it was Kakasaku shipper lorena-chantal’s birthday a few days ago (yesterday? Happy Birthday from shippyanon!


“This KakaSaku gifset is dedicated to dimi my precious cinnamon roll!” Hatake Misaki is mine (and the KakaSaku fandom’s), please don’t repurpose my.

Imagen de kakasaku

"You're too young for me. I can't let your heart get hurt." "Kiss me you bad liar!" Kakashi and sakura yassss