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a wooden slatted wall with five candles on each side and four hooks in the middle
Le Corbusier | Wall-Mounted Coatrack (ca. 1950) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Le Corbusier: ‘Wall-Mounted Coatrack’, 1950.
an empty white cabinet in the corner of a room
652: ALVAR AALTO, wardrobe for Paimio Sanatorium, Turku |
Alvar Aalto: Wardrobe, 1932. [molded and lacquered plywood]
a white wall with a metal frame and two panels on the front, hanging from it's side
164: CHARLOTTE PERRIAND, cabinet from Unite d'Habitation Air France, Brazzaville |
Charlotte Perriand: cabinet from Unite d'Habitation, Ateliers Jean Prouve, France 1952.
a kitchen with an oven, sink, and cabinets in it's own area
Frankfurt Kitchen, Grete Shutte-Lihotzky, 1926/27. Instagram photo via @the_wood_house
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a white wall next to a tall bookcase
350: ALVAR AALTO, shelving for Baker Dormitory at MIT |
Alvar Aalto: Shelving for Dormitory, 1948. [birch]
three wooden shelves on the wall in an empty room with concrete flooring and white walls
Charlotte Perriand - The Collection of Halsey Minor New York Thursday, May 13, 2010 | Phillips
Charlotte Perriand: “Bibliotheque Murale,” 1958. [oak, bent aluminum]