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Customs: Will-O-Wisps, MusicallyChalanged, MerryLu by Zombutts on DeviantArt

ovo/ sidenote: working on a new kind of commission so keep an eye out for 'em eve Will-O-Wisps Musicallychalanged&nbsp. Customs: Will-O-Wisps, MusicallyChalanged, MerryLu

Adoptables Batch 20: 1/3 OPEN by Zombutts on DeviantArt

spent makin' some pretty jewel-encrusted babes & a new base ; /might put this one up fo sale /rolls to make customs next ovo Please read t.

Zombie doll adoptable Closed by AS-Adoptables.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

If you want to buy it make an offer(Must reply to the last BID) Number # bid: 1000 or 10 USD 6 USD or Zombie doll adoptable Closed

Custom: Elevera by Zombutts on DeviantArt

Custom for Elevera ! i hope ya like it dear ♥ /sidenote/ i've been working on my first closed species & will have them posted soo.