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that's so cute omg

Day 2220 - 2 September 2017 When y’all say “Nike Mercy” this is what I immediately think of .

I wish my username was Shilin

okolnir: “ “Their loss was not your fault, Fareeha. ” “They depended on me, and I let them down. It was my fault. ” “You’ll train yourself to death if you keep pushing yourself so hard like this.

a pile of kylux trash

otp-kylux: “ wickedicks: “ before and after? messy sketches of messy boys ” like holy fuck? just gone hux is a ho hux is a ho hux is a ho hux is a ho ”

Minimal Interior Design Inspiration | 118 - UltraLinx

Your bedroom is the perfect place to implement pared-back style. We've rounded up seven simple DIYs using raw wood for some seriously cool bedroom inspiration. DIY Mid Century Nightstand Get th