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'Cause Orangutans need their own board.
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an orangutan sitting on top of a rock with its legs spread out
come on :)
come on :) | irawan subingar | Flickr
an orangutan hanging from a metal pole in the jungle with trees and bushes behind it
Orang-utan Hsing Hsing celebrates his 40th birthday with snacks
Perth Zoo's beloved alpha male orang-utan Hsing Hsing celebrated his 40th birthday with boxes of yoghurt, carrots and nuts on Sunday
an animal that is laying down with its mouth open
The Universal Compendium
Seated male orangutan. Las Águilas Jungle Park, Tenerife, Spain. Photograph by Dušan Smetana, 2019.
an adult oranguel walking through the forest
25 iconic images by famed wildlife photographer David Yarrow
an orangutan sitting in the grass with its hands up
Male Orangutan
an image of monkeys in the wild with long tails and large legs, hanging from branches
Fallen Mias, 2000 by Walton Ford
some very cute looking cartoon animals with big arms and legs in different poses on a white background
Kenneth Anderson - Character Designer [&] Illustrator - United Kingdom