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Arena Exercises for Fun & Problem-Solving

If you've fallen into a horseback riding rut, try our 10 basic arena exercises. They'll have you and your horse moving in a whole new direction

What Can Long-Reining Do For Your Horse?

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut when working with horses. We get good at what we know and then so many of us rely on the same techniques—albeit (hopefully) progressively perfected—over a lifetime. But there is no reason we need to feel betrothed to the round pen or wed to cavalletti. …

Bailey's Tasty Treats

Bailey's Unisex's BLS0065 Tasty Treats, Clear, 5 kg: Sports & Outdoors

Horse Massage: Release Tension in the Neck-Shoulders-Withers Junction

Beyond Horse Massage: Practice this technique to help release tension in the neck-shoulders-withers junction in a horse. Releasing tension will help improve ...

Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding

The Academic Art of Riding is mainly based on the knowledge of the five greatest riding masters of history which are Xenophon, Pluvinel, Newcastle, Guérinière

The Ever Versatile Leg Yield

Many riders only know the leg yield as that annoying movement in first level. It is a murky concept to many riders, who are left scratching their heads as they go up centerline and hear that they w…

William Funnell’s 10 tips for seeing a stride - Horse & Hound

For the best riders seeing a stride is instinctive, but for many of us it requires work. William Funnell shows us how, with the right training, every rider can be more accurate

3 Exercises for Hunt Seat Riders - Horse Illustrated

There is an undeniable elegance in hunt seat riding. Despite the inherent risks involved with jumping a horse, it’s aesthetically beautiful: horse and human taking flight together. But let’s be honest. Posers who are merely propped up on their hunter or jumper won’t get far in this discipline. To be a safe and successful—never …


How to do haunches-in with your horse. Valuable tips and information on how to teach your horse haunches-in in hand and riding.

How to Develop a More Elastic Trot in Your Dressage Horse

Dressage judge Sandy Hotz offers advice on how to make a dressage horse's trot more elastic.

Warum wir Bahnfiguren reiten sollten...

Warum reiten wir eigentlich Bahnfiguren - diese haben das Ziel Geraderichtung, Losgelassenheit, Durchlässigkeit, Tempo, Takt und Schwung zu unterstützen.


How to do renvers with your horse. Valuable tips and information on how to teach your horse the renvers in hand and riding.

Ryan Wood: Build Confidence Over Corners

Top eventer Ryan Wood shares his four-step plan to successfully introduce this cross-country obstacle to your horse.

Skeleton of the horse

A short introduction to the skeleton of the horse which consists of skull bones, vertebrae (spinal column), ribs, sternum and bones in front and hind legs.

Trail Lesson Plan 2 & The Gate - Lessons In TR

Example lesson plan for a trail class. Arena Setup: 2 cones 4 poles for fan walkover a gate 4 poles for box Lesson Plan Mount Tack Check Warm Up – 2 tight circles each direction (to prepare for the gate), 2 point 2 walls (prepares for 2 point over poles) Tack Check Explain Pattern – … Continue reading →