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It's award season and I'm here with the Best Picture Nominations for 2024. Haven't seen all of the films? No worries. Check out my info and brief synopsis about each movie. And see if my prediction for the winner matches yours. #cindygoesbeyond #livinglifebeyondtheedges #oscars2024 #bestpicturenominations
"Discover 30 inspiring hobbies to enjoy right from the comfort of your home! 🏡🎵📚 #HobbiesForHome #IndoorActivities #ExploreYourPassions #pottery #hobbyism #funhobbies #hobbiesforwomen


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Did you know there are health benefits from walking in darkness? Check out Take a Nighttime Walk to see what they are!  #journeywithhealthyme #52waystowalk #edinburghscotland
Are you a hummer? I am and have been all of my life. A series of synchronicities led me to do some research on humming.  Did you know you can create greater health and wellbeing with the simple act of humming?   Check out the health benefits of humming!  #journeywithhealthyme #healthyateveryage
A walk in sunshine not only helps the body produce crucial vitamin D, it provides other health boosting benefits as well. Check out my new blog post for the details! #journeywithhealthyme #healthyateveryage #52waystowalk #walkinonsunshine

Health and Wellness

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Looking for an easy and delicious Mediterranean Salad? Try this one that is vegan and Blue Zones compliant and full of flavor.   #journeywithhealthyme #bluezoneslifestyle #MediterraneanSalad
Looking for an easy to prepare, delicious soup? Try Vegan Mexican Tortellini Soup. It's a wonderful mashup of Mexican and Italian cuisines. #journeywithhealthyme #vegansoup
Looking for a quick, simple recipe for soup season? Try this Lentil Potato Stew. It comes together in minutes and it's so full of flavor, satisfying and nourishing. #journeywithhealthyme #soupseason #lentilpotatostew


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Be sure to enjoy a meal at The Olde Pink House in Savannah Georgia during your next trip there. It's so much more than a restaurant! The property is significant, historically, and the house makes the Savannah haunted list.   #cindygoesbeyond #livinglifebeyondtheedges #savannahga #theoldepinkhouse
Looking for fresh words to guide you? Try one of these meaningful expressions from this list of Scottish inspiration for life. And see which one is my favorite!  #cindygoesbeyond #livinglifebeyondtheedges #scottishexpressions
Are you planning a trip to the South? Wondering which city to visit, Charleston or Savannah?   I've been to both and found similarities and differences. Check them out and then let me know, which city would you visit first?  #cindygoesbeyond #livinglifebeyondtheedges #charlestonorsavannah


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Ive had 2 kids and with each pregnancy i was diagnosed with the dreaded “ab gap.” With these very simple exercises, I was able to fix it both times! #diastasis #diastasisrecti #exercises #fixdiastasisrecti #easyathomeworkouts #workoutathome
Shaving bikini line hair with manual razors is not for everyone, even electric shavers scare some of us, find the best hair removal creams for your pubic hair removal.


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The overall cost of self-publishing a children’s book runs around $1,500-$6,000. But this will vary vastly depending on:
 • Where you find your illustrator
 • Whether or not you work with a formatter or layout designer
 • How seriously you take the editing process
 • Where you’re going to print and distribute your children’s books
 • How you go about marketing your children’s books

If you want to read the entire scoop, check out our comprehensive guide @kidpressroom board/website. Follow us for more writing, publishing, and educational resources for the youth.

Make Money Online

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It's a new year. Check out my word, symbol and song for 2024 and see how they will guide me during the next 12 months. #cindygoesbeyond #livinglifebeyondtheedges #yearofopenness
How To Stop Being A Doormat And Live Up - SPIRITIMES


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Is doodling good or bad? How do you practice doodling? What is the difference between doodling and drawing? Who invented doodling? Is doodling a sign of intelligence? All your questions will be answered here. Click to know more in details. Doodling Art, Simple, Drawings, Art journals, Art designs, Cute, Drawing ideas easy, Kawaii, Pen art, Patterns, Mandala, Easy, Art creative, Zen, Aesthetic, Fall, doodle, doodling art meaning, happy doodling #crashbykarishma #doodling #facts #drawing #art
There must be alot of questions in your mind which will get answered with this blog post of mine. Make sure to check my belated birthday card too!! What to do when you forgot someone's birthday? I forgot my friends birthday date? Forgot birthday gift. I forgot my girlfriend's birthday what do i do? I forgot my boyfriends birthday? belated Birthday wishes funny, Happy birthday wishes greetings, Birthday wishes for her, Birthday funny hilarious #belated #card #blogpost #birthday #crashbykarishma
This blog gives answers to all questions what to do when you forgot someone's birthday? What do you say when you forget someone's birthday? How do you apologize for missing your birthday? What if your best friend forgets your birthday? Belated Birthday wishes funny, Happy birthday wishes, Birthday greetings, Birthday wishes friends, Anniversary wishes, funny hilarious, Wedding anniversary wishes, Anniversary wishes for couple #blogpost #birthday #belated #crashbykarishma #funny #questions


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Art Inspiration: Christmas Ornaments – Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog


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If you are preparing for back to school, this planner package comes with the essentials you need. It includes a Back to School Supplies Checklist Planner, Back to School Activities Planner, and Back to School Chores Planner. This material provides you with a simple way to get organized for the classroom, homeschool, and at-home activities. It also a valuable way of supporting your kids/students with planning and organization.
July 2020 - June 2021 stylish day planner, featuring 12 months of monthly and weekly pages for easy academic planning; 2 bonus monthly pages (May 2020, June 2020) are included. Amazon Must haves, Amazon Finds, Things to buy on Amazon , Must haves 2020, Aesthetic things to buy on, Teacher must haves, Things to order on, Products, stationary supplies, Notebooks, Pens, Best, Back to school, Notebooks journals, Notebooks back to school #amazon #affiliate #backtoschool #planner #journals #amazon
Everything You Need To Know About Camping In Anglesey #puffinisland  #penmonpoint #anglesey #camping #lighthouse #penmonlighthouse

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Have you ever struggled to turn your story idea into a young adult novel? As writers, we all have ideas, but sometimes we have problems brainstorming and turning them into a wholesome story. If you are looking for creative inspiration in this regard, we have an amazing article to help you with; one that will guide you from an idea to a fully-formed YA novel. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Thanksgiving means getting together again and spending time with the people you love. This is a great day to simply be grateful and give thanks for blessings and the people in our life. Happy Thanksgiving Quotes Images on Autumn fall leaves for the first time. | Crash By Karishma - Greeting Cards, Printable and Posters. #calligraphy #thanksgiving #quote #quotes #writing #faux #holiday #gratitude


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a woman in purple shirt and black leggings with white shoes, hat and purse
PracticalPerfection on LTK
Sports mom game day outfit
Work for Hire Kids Chore Chart
This is a great way to teach kids responsibility while getting some extra help around the house. The kids chore cards are used as a form of extra chores kids can do to earn money.
a white dresser with a round mirror above it
A Rustic Sideboard -
@designatedspacedesign posted to Instagram: I still love the sideboard I built, but I'm considering changing it up a bit. There are certain projects I work on and when I'm done I feel like it is just what I was going for, and sometimes it's not quite there. This build falls into the second category. I'm considering painting it a deep jewel-tone green and doing something different with the knobs. I've been worried something dark would overpower the entry, but I think there's enough light coming i
a shelf filled with lots of food on top of a wooden table
PracticalPerfection on LTK
Create a kids snack station
Dollar Tree Organization finds
These are my favorite ways to organize my home woth dillar tree items
In this article, I am sharing my experience dating over 40. I've been traveling all over and swiping and here's what I've experienced. Dating Over 40, Dating Again, Divorce, Ex Husbands, Dating, Meeting People, New Dating App, Past Relationships, Date Me
Single with no kids and dating over 40
In this article, I am sharing my experience dating over 40. I've been traveling all over and swiping and here's what I've experienced.
Making new friends later in life is hard, but I have all the secrets to make it look easy. Read to see what I do to continually meet new friends and how I keep them too. Personal Development, People, Friends, Meeting New Friends, Meeting New People, Make New Friends, Relationship, Emotionally Drained
How I Make New Friends in My 30s and Keep Them
Making new friends later in life is hard, but I have all the secrets to make it look easy. Read to see what I do to continually meet new friends and how I keep them too.
a poster with the words teen girl pool bag
PracticalPerfection on LTK
Teen girl beach bag accessories
Temu Organization Finds
These are some of my favorute Temu organization finds
Birthday party decor storage ideas
Organize balloons to prep ahead of time before birthday parties
Keep your car organized on a road trip
Easy road trip organization ideas to keep your car clean and tidy
7 lego storage ideas that everyone can do
5 Lego Storage Ideas that You'll Love
These Lego Storage and Organization Ideas are ones that your kids are going to love! They are fairly easy to maintain and they look beautiful! #legostorage #legoorganization #legostorageideas #kidsplayroom #playroomideas #playroomorganization
Power Bank Chargers
I love these power bank phone and apple watch chargers to help keep my devices charged up so I dont miss a thing!
Summer organization hacks to keep to organized
Summer organization hacks to keep to organized while the kids are at home for the summer!
Freezer Organization idea
This is the best way to kee your frewzer organized