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a blue velvet background that looks like it has been dyed with dark blue dyes
inside outside
"We live for the night's decor, it reveals what we dream of." - Glowing Eyes by Twenty Øne Piløts
an unmade bed with dark blue linens and white pillow cases on top of it
Linen Duvet Cover in Navy by IN BED
Linen Duvet Cover in Navy by IN BED
a green blanket with fringes on it
Dream Chenille Throw from Lands' End
four chairs sitting at a table in front of a painting
Photo (Britta Nickel)
navy navy navy!! shop stunning styles online now! // fast worldwide delivery xx
the sky is filled with stars and clouds
matialonsorphoto: the end of the year by... : expressions-of-nature
a white sink sitting under a mirror next to a wooden counter top with flowers on it
How To Use Dark Shades In Small Spaces
When faced with redecorating a small space, it’s natural to be drawn to light, bright neutral hues that you’ve been told will open up even the pokiest spaces. But choosing a brave, dark colour can be much more effective, creating a cool, dramatic look with an on-trend vibe. From moody hallways to sultry bathrooms, we’ve enlisted the help of some top designers from our SheerLuxe Interiors Panel, to give their tips on how to work dark shades into your home…
the moon is shining brightly over the ocean at night with waves coming in to shore
Best Wedding Planner Books | NZ Wedding Planning Gift, Checklist & Guides
This is a really nice picture of the reflection on the water and the contrast of the dark blues and white light. This is created by a high moon light.
two black chairs sitting next to each other in a room with white walls and marble flooring
#Sofa goals (POLIENNE)
#Sofa goals More
purple petals are scattered on top of each other
Decorations & Supplies - How Divine
a deep, rich navy blue...I love this color. I think it will look good in my apt.
purple and white flowers are in paper bags
Purple flower bouquets. Ciao, Chessa!: Fridays. Getting ready for spring at the Farmer's Market.
pipes are attached to the side of a pink wall
Kerst DIY I: paper crystals • Zilverblauw
Os roxos, em especial o lilás, aparecem também com destaque no Feminino /// Verão 14-15
a field full of purple flowers under a blue sky
England, idyllic manor, lavender