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Seamlessly Integrate

Seamlessly integrate all areas of your small business
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Mobile Marketing: Mobile is rapidly changing the landscape and every element of marketing by giving you. You have 2 options, take advantage of it and get out in front of the wave, or run the risk of being swept away by it. #online #media #southafrica #mobilemarketing

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Email Marketing, Surveys and Invites: Email marketing is a value exchange between your business and customers. Get it right and stats show that email marketing can deliver a staggering ROI of up to 4,300%. #online #webdesign #media #southafrica

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Business Management: The all in one customer centric business management solution for small business. Revolutionises the way you access information throughout your organisation. #online #media #southafrica #business

Stakeholder Communication: The failure of email and the intranet as internal communication solution, resulted in a strategically important communication vacuum in most businesses. With our revolutionary and innovative product your messages will secure 100% internal visibility and be the centre of attention. #online #media #southafrica #communication

Customer Loyalty: The best customers you can get, is the ones you already have. Loyalty is earned , and you need to re-energise, re-engage, re-connect and re-motivate them. #online #media #southafrica #customerservice

Office Optimization: Why waste money on paper, ink and toner, when going paperless is the smart thing to do. Now you can protect the environment and your bottom line at the same time. #online #media #southafrica #business

List Building and Hygiene: The days of buying lists and sending bulk communications without consumers consent is over. Building targeted, organic, opt-in email lists will enhance your brand and give you a superior ROI. #online #emailmarketing #media #southafrica

Bridging the Gap One of the main problems arising between marketing and sales departments is the struggle to evaluate, value and attribute both the quality and quantity of leads. Learn how to bridge the gap between marketing and sales:

Everyday Business Email: Increase brand awareness, loyalty, customer service, sales and website traffic by doing what you and your staff do naturally every day – send email. #online #webdesign #media #southafrica

Mobile Website Builder: Provide your customers and prospects with a superior user experience on mobile. Let us optimize your site for over 13,000 mobile phones. #online #webdesign #media #southafrica