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LesMis - Vive la France by ~AL-lamp on deviantART <<< OH God look at that Enj. Shout out to the artist, he's perfect!

I think i'll have to try all of them tbh- i don't think they'd figure Combeferre, Enjolras, Bossuet or Prouvaire- and there is no way they'd get Courfeyrac right!

The poor barista would never figure it out - if they get the reference & spell it right, give 'm te best high five of their life.

Gavroche, Courfeyrac, Enjolras, Combeferre, Jehan and Joly movie costumes!

Another Les Amis post! Gavroche, Courfeyrac, Enjolras, Combeferre, Bahorel or Grantaire (?

"ME TOO. He wasn't a helpless boy who couldn't defend himself.  He didn't spend his time picking daises or braiding people's hair. He was just as brave as the rest of the men. Actually, he was braver.  In the book, Jehan Prouvaire was captured by the army and shot ALONE." PREACH! Why does everyone seem to think Jehan spent his time braiding peoples' hair?!

The black eyed susan, a cheerful wildflower, is a perennial that serves as a beautiful back drop in any garden. The contrast of the bright gold yellow petals and dark middle makes it any easy one to spot and recognize.