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French Vintage China

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Always love this look. Stack it up.

Always love this look. Stack it up.

Perfect with ironstone

My Little White Home by Nadine

Welkom! Mijn naam is Nadine Snijders en werkzaam als docente op een middelbare school. Naast mijn werk houd ik mij graag bezig met de inrichting en het fotograferen van mijn huis. Een mijnwerkershuisje uit 1938 met een licht interieur, gecombineerd met antiek, brocante in voornamelijk Franse stijl. Leuk dat jullie mij willen volgen!


A Sunshine Filled Dining Room

Hi friends. It’s been since Christmas since I posted anything on here. I have still been stalking your blogs but just haven’t had tim...


K&Co.: " En god dag " ...

" En god dag " ...

K&Co.: " En god dag " ...


This Ivy House

"ego creo ergo sum" (more purposefully) Fragmentacy //

FARMHOUSE 5540: Farmhouse Goodies

Farmhouse Goodies

So I finally have my dining room all put back is not sunny here what so ever and I left my camera battery charger at my parents house over Christmas so I have to save my battery for those sunny days. I really want these pictures to come out well so I am going to wait for the sun to shine! But I did snap some pictures just to give you a taste of what is to come! Above is the table my husband just built for our dining room. I just picked up this awesome coat rack at my…


neue Einblicke in unsere "neue" Küche...................

Küche eingerichtet im nordischen Shabbychic. Eine Kombination aus antiken und neuen Küchenelementen.

En regnig dag ~ A rainy day

I morse var jag med dottern på vårdcentralen. Hon hade en massa utslag på kroppen och jag var orolig att det var bältros. Som tur var det inte det, men eftersom hon inte kände sig bra fick hon stanna hemma från skolan. Vårregnet har stillsamt strilat från himlen nästan hela dagen, och jag har gått omkring med favorittofflorna och bara myst... ♥ Jag har drömt mig tillbaka till Mor Ágústas garage (så dagens bilder kommer därifrån), och så har jag planerat vidare på Badrumsprojektet. Nu skall…

Savvy Southern Style | Savvy Southern Style: Collections | Cream and White China

Savvy Southern Style | Savvy Southern Style: Collections | Cream and White China

Modern Country

God helg - Good weekend to all of you !

Foto : Nathalie Vingot Mei Hei jenter, t akk for alle fine kommentarer jeg får !! Vidunderlige er dere, som gir så mye ros, varme og omt...

Very Nice Display of White Ironstone

White Ironstone

My dear friend Maureen asked me if I would blog about collecting white ironstone. I have a lot of it, as you know, but I bought it originally because I love its simplicity. For me, a collection of white ironstone, without patterns or color to distract the eye, becomes an artful grouping of forms and shapes. Some silhouettes are round and shapely, yet others angular and rigid. One plays against the other creating positive and negative spacing --- depending on the composition of the…